ACTION A.6 – Elaboration of Common guidelines for population-level brown bear management and management plans for Slovenia and Croatia

This action addresses one of the major identified threats, the “management fragmentation”. It is a very important action that is designed to provide the foundation for the change of the management paradigm from national or regional management to the management at the level of the population.

Management documents in all countries lack adequate international perspective, which hinders improvement of operational bear management at the population level.

The first goal of this action is to prepare Common Guidelines for Population-level Brown Bear Management agreed among all international partners of this project from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Austria. Guidelines will provide the basis for population-level management of Northern Dinaric brown bear population, with considerable attention awarded also to the management of the alpine population and its connection to the bears in the Dinaric Mountains.

The second important step of this action will be the elaboration and adoption of revised Management plans for the brown bear in Slovenia and Croatia as operational documents for future management in the core parts of the project area. The main goal is to specify as obligations the principles for tight collaboration in management and conservation of the species in both national management plans. This will be done in accordance with the Common Guidelines, and will provide unified monitoring, common procedures of intervention groups, common provisions about compensation systems, and finally also common agreements on yearly interventions in the population.

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