ACTION D.1 – Monitoring of bear exhibiting conflict behaviour and effectiveness of mitigation measures in conflict hot-spot areas

This action’s aim is to evaluate the effects of mitigation measures in fixed hot spots where the bear is present. The activities will be carried out in Italy and Slovenia, through the capture and marking with GPS collar of at least 22 bears; the behavior of individuals in conflicts with human activities will be studied.
The attitude of bears towards the works of prevention will be then controlled, also through camera traps. The comparison between the behavior of the bear before and after the mitigation activities will allow the evaluation of their effectiveness and possible further solutions.
Organic samples (saliva, hair, scat, samples of captured bears) close to damage spots will be collected, to define genotypes, map the range of their movements and asses the possible transmission of conflict behavior from mothers to cubs.
Monitoring of scats will also allow the determination of the percentage of anthropogenic food in bears’ diet, and evaluate the food-conditioning in different areas and also of different individuals.

Habitat selection and use of antropogenic food sources for bears living in conflict area (Bordjan et al.2019)

Feeding site use and food type preference of brown bears in Slovenia

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