ACTION E.5 – Working with media

Regular communication with media will ensure that all relevant information about project activities and accomplished results will be available to the public. This will also ensure that public will be informed about possibilities of peaceful coexistence with bears and how to prevent human-bear conflicts, based on our demonstrations in the field (Action C.3).

The goal of this action is to ensure objective and accurate news about bears and bear management in media. Throughout the project we will regularly inform the public about project activities and promote bear conservation and coexistence of bears and humans. Regular press releases (at least six per year) and press conferences (at least 4) will be organized on all major occasions with regard to the project implementation. Popular articles about bears, prevention of human-bear conflicts, project activities and results of the project will be prepared and published in national, municipal and local community newsletters and webpages; minimum three each year of the project.

Focused articles will cover topics about bear ecology, history and current bear conservation issues, bear behaviour, instruction on how to avoid human-bear conflicts or which behaviours have to be followed in case of sightings, and better co-existence, including results from actions A.6 and C.4. Action A.7 will provide additional information about knowledge gabs and topics where there is low public acceptance in order to develop messages to raise public acceptance and positive public opinion. Additional press releases and educational articles targeted specifically to media focused to farmers will also be prepared.

Press releases.

Popular articles.


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April 9th, 2015|Communication campaign, E5 Media|