ACTION F.1 – Coordination and administration of the project by the coordinator and the project steering group

Good coordination is crucial for the effective, standardized implementation of the project that has a relatively large number of partners. For the success of the project as a whole it is important that the coordinating beneficiary (i.e. project coordinator) coordinates the whole project. For the implementation of the specific actions it is important that each partner has a person in charge for coordination (steering group members).

Project coordination among the different partners will be under the responsibility of the Slovenia Forest
Service (SFS) as Coordinating beneficiary. Staff of the SFS is experienced in managing EU-funded projects at national and international level and has a long standing experience in brown bear conservation. The project will be coordinated by project manager employed full-time at the SFS. The project manager will ensure effective and on-time implementation of all project activities, including leading of the meetings of the steering group and discussions for assessing project progress, as well as discuss the strategic actions to be taken.


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