Why is brown bear removal a necessary measure for bear conservation in Slovenia?

Slovenia is considered as a country with efficient conservation and management system of its brown bear population. Beside being in [...]

How did the bear abundance in Slovenia and Croatia change during the past 20 years?

Molecular genetics has been the primary method used to estimate bear abundance in the past 10 years. However, due to [...]

For the first time in Croatia the size of the brown bear population has been scientifically estimated

In the period from September to December 2015, LIFE DINALP BEAR project team organized genetic sampling on the territory of [...]

Job opening

We are looking for a researcher - bioinformatics (with relation to Genetics, Ecology and Wildlife Conservation) University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical [...]

LIFE DINALP BEAR presents its achievements in National Council of the Republic of Slovenia

Chamber for agriculture and forestry of Slovenia and National Council organised a meeting ÔÇťFuture management of large carnivores in SloveniaÔÇŁ [...]

Report on bear population size estimate has been prepared

As an output of the project action C.5 ÔÇťEstablishment and optimization of an integrated, population-level surveillance of brown bear conservation [...]

Two post-doc positions available in Slovenia

Two postdoc positions within the projects ÔÇťLIFE DINALP BEARÔÇŁ and ÔÇťDevelopment of a multi┬şmethod approach to study wildlife behaviour: investigating [...]

Population Status Report for brown bears in the project area

We have prepared the third annual Population Status Report for brown bears in the Northern Dinaric Mountains and Central-Eastern Alps. [...]

December 1st, 2017|C5 Population surveillance, Population monitoring|

A new estimate of brown bear numbers in Slovenia ÔÇô the population has increased

The first steps of research on brown bear genetics in the frame of LIFE DINALP BEAR project have been concluded: [...]

Two post-doc / PhD positions available in Slovenia

Two postdoc (alternatively PhD) positions within the projects "LIFE DINALP BEAR" and "Development of a multi┬şmethod approach to study wildlife [...]