Workshops for monitoring (genetic sampling) of brown bear and wolf in Slovenia

On August 17 and August 18, workshops for monitoring of brown bear (Life DinAlp Bear) and wolf (Slovenian national monitoring) [...]

T-shirt design contest is over

Deadline for sending in your t-shirt designs is over. Everyone who participated will receive a thank you gift (a T-shirt [...]

August 13th, 2015|C5 Population surveillance, Population monitoring|

Preparation for autumn genetic sampling are in full swing

Preparations for autumn non-invasive sampling of bears in Slovenia is in full swing. In the past two weeks we delivered [...]

Distribution of sampling kits for genetic counting of brown bears (Action C. 5) started in Croatia

Distribution of sampling kits for collecting brown bear fecal samples for genetic analyses in Croatia started yesterday (9.7.2015) with three [...]

LIFE DINALP BEAR T-shirt Design Contest

We’re looking for an original motive for T-shirt, as this one on the picture, that will be distributed to hunters and [...]